Underrated TV Actresses

Many would agree that we are in an age where TV has never had more and better series; but whether it’s Breaking Bad, Suits, Game of Thrones or Dexter, it seems that the spotlight falls on the men. It’s not that actresses are doing anything but a superb job; they are, but so little is focused upon them that they have continued to remain in the shadows. It’s time to break this cycle, so let’s talk about 3 of TV’s underrated actresses.

Amber Heard

Amber Laura Heard was born on 22nd of April 1986 in Austin, Texas, and according to her, she always knew that she would end up in show business. At 17, she moved to New York to pursue a modeling career – she thought this was an easier way to get into show business rather than trying to go directly to Hollywood. After appearing in a few music videos, she got her first role in a few episodes of Jack and Bobby, the OC and The Mountain after which she moved into film and managed to land parts in series. She appeared as a sexualized teenager in Hidden Palms although it ended after just 8 episodes. Her last role was as Bunny Maureen on the Playboy Club. For more information on Amber Heard, visit her TVHackr page.

Lucy Hale

She is from Memphis and she comes to TV with lots of different talents. She came to the limelight at 13 when she tried out for American Juniors. She was a member of for a short time but the group disbanded after releasing a failed album. Her first regular series was Bionic Woman and then went on to Privileged. Today, she is one of the main faces in Pretty Little Liars. To date, she has earned quite a few Teens Choice Awards.

Christina Hendricks

Christina Rene Hendricks moved around quite a lot as a child; her father’s job forced them to move from city to city. She says that it is because of all this travelling that she found comfort in children’s theatre. She started to model at the age of 18 which she did until she was 27. In 2000, she landed her first role on TV in the show Beggars and Losers. She has gone ahead to guest star in Angel, Without a Trace, Las Vegas, ER, Life and Firefly. But it is her role as Joan in Mad Men that brought her to the forefront of television. She has since then moved on to film and is working on several projects.

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