Is Mad Men The Best TV Show Ever? Let’s Find Out…

There are many people who are interested in the Gangster era. New York, at one time, was filled with many gangsters, from the 30s until the 50s. With that being said, the AMC show, Mad Men, is one of the best TV shows around due to everyone’s fascination with this unique time in history. Though there are some who have yet to see this show, many people throughout the world have tuned in to keep up with the Drapers, Peggy Olson, and more. This article will explain why this is possibly the best TV show around, and why Mad Men is a critically acclaimed television masterpiece.

Mad Men is filled with talented actors, such as Jon Hamm, Elizabeth Moss, Christina Hendricks, and John Slattery. They truly make their characters come to life and make the show seem completely real. With their wide range of emotions, Mad Men really captivates the viewer, making them seem as if they are a part of the characters every day lives, and living in that era of New York.

The show also focuses on important topics during that time, like alcoholism, racism, smoking, and adultery and sexism. These key factors are what keep the storyline like it was in the fifties and sixties, when racism and alcoholism were big problems faced by everyone during that age. It can also give viewers a firsthand look to what it was like for people of that time, or for people who grew up in that time, it can give them memories of what it was like to live during those eras.

In addition, the crew really keeps the show going. The writers really hit the nail on the head with the storyline and dialogue of the 50s and 60s. This show is a gem for anyone who loves Gangsters and New York, and the days of the past.

Millions of people have tuned in since its debut in 2007, and each season premier, the viewers have doubled, making this one of the most watched shows on TV during this age. Mad Men can become an obsession for viewers, making them crave a new episode and being unsettled until it comes on. It also can make people wish that they too were able to live in the 50s, and be a part of Mad Men.

This show is critically acclaimed for its non stop suspense, quality dialogue and storyline, and the vast amount of talented actors and producers. This show can turn any skeptic or bored TV channel surfer into a fan easily. With six years on the air under Mad Men’s belt, it doesn’t show signs of stopping, and the fans of Mad Men are not letting up when it comes to wanting more seasons.

Mad Men truly is the best TV show on the air right now. It’s everything you want wrapped in one show. Throughout every season, there is something to enjoy. Will you watch Mad Men?

The 5 Most Awaited TV Shows of 2014

There is no doubt that the year 2014 is going to be a fulfilling one in terms of television entertainment. In that case therefore, if you love to watch TV and you want to sample the best shows and series in the coming year, you can rest assured of nothing short of the best. With many shows lined up to premier in 2014, you can only sit back and wait for the best to come on to your television network. If you have been following up on existing TV series like Grey’s Anatomy and Pretty Little Liars starring superstar Lucy Hale, am sure you cannot wait to see the release of the new season. Let us have a look at some of these anticipated TV shows:

Game of Thrones

In the year 2014, Game of Thrones would be heading into the fourth season. Considering that this is one of the TV shows which have the largest audiences across the globe, you can only imagine the millions who are waiting for the fourth season to come over. With new twists and turns coming up in every other season, you can only expect to get the best out of this particular season. If there is a show that is definitely going to keep people glued to their screens, this is it! For more information on the series of Game of Thrones books, visit

Agents of SHIELD

This is again another show which is expected to make a major impact in the year 2014. This show mainly follows through a law enforcement agency whose task is to police the unknown and the strange. The show is expected to make an official debut in Fall. Speaking of Agents of SHIELD, there are rumors of Amber Heard guest starring in an upcoming episode.

The Goldbergs

If you are looking for a TV show that is definitely set to do very well during the 2013/2014 season, this is definitely what you should be yearning to watch. This show mainly revolves around the emotional life of a shopaholic who has a big mouth. If you can take some time and sample the show, you can rest assured that the comedy antics in there are definitely second to none.


This another upbeat show that is expected to grace out TV screens in the year 2014. Set in a contemporary and also urban environment, the show is mainly based around a bar. As such, the show mainly revolves around single people who are searching for love. Mixology, just as the term suggests refers to mingling and getting to know people in the neighborhood, creating friends and then long-lasting relationships.

Lucky Drama

The other must watch program for the year 2014 is Lucky Drama. The show mainly follows through the life of seven service station employees who had recently won in a lottery.

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